Green Bharat

Together we can make a difference.

Save Earth. Save Life.

What We Do?

In the current situation of world force us to understand real value of nature and making our planet more suitable for human being and animals as well. During the time of pandemic Corona I got a quality of time to spend with my Family in my village. Really I felt safe and healthy Environment in my village but unfortunately we have started cutting tree and lacking sanitization .  Actually we can promote villagers to plant more trees and How to get rid of this polluted Environment . 


As we know plantation is great investment of Future . We can save our existence while saving nature . Saving Environment is need of today . We should save environment . Everyone can  and do something in order to save our nature .


Making  environment is clean not only slogan but only mendatory Assignment for leading a healthy life .

Tree gives us oxygen which protect us from several respiratory desease and cancer .Trees give so many things . Herbs  and a beautiful landscape and Healthy Enviornment . 

Come, let’s together delight the environment!


Rural Livelihood Support Program (RL)

Clean and Green School Program (CS)

City Based Plantation Program (CT)

Community Land Plantation Program (CL)

Why plant with us?

Trees are a key element of life on Earth. They produce oxygen, they foster biodiversity, they control erosion, they mitigate climate change and so much more!